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A. Analysis – Strategic Planning - Implementation (Project Management) – Assessment:

Needs Analysis: What is/should be the "cultural landscape" of our communities, how do we implement our vision, how do we expose and bring about our communities’ artistic and cultural potential, how do we promote our communities through the development or our arts and cultural institutions, what art and cultural institutions enhance a community is there a need for other venues within our community.

Organization: Design, Develop and Structure
Staffing: Team-Building, Teamwork and Motivation
Finances: Expense analysis, Cost Optimization, Budgeting
PR und Marketing: Strategy, Branding and Positioning
Programming: Needs and interests analysis (audience, region, economy, tourism, politics, city comparisons) > feasibility studies

B. Professional Placement Services in Arts and Cultural Institutions:

Job Definition. Profiling. Candidate Screening. Selection and Transition Support

C. Interim Management in Arts and Cultural Institutions:
Short- and Mid-Term Management. Transition Planning

D. Project Management:
Strategy. Planning. Development. Implementation. Realization

Together with each of our public clients, we review needs, develop strategies and implement tailor-made solutions to achieve their vision.