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EMAA . Executive Master in Arts Administration . University of Zurich

This new, post-graduate Master's program at the University of Zurich was launched in 2004 by the director of the Zurich Opera, Alexander Pereira, and is directed by Dr. Gerhard Brunner. The aim of the program is to prepare leaders for the arts industry who are capable of confronting the increasingly difficult social and economic conditions faced by it, using a wide range of social, artistic and business skills.

In the summer of 2007 the Executive Master in Arts Administration (EMAA) from the University of Zurich has been awarded to Henriette M. Birrer-Götz, Jürg Dähler and Alexander Kraus.


The high-caliber program faculty (comprised of well-known figures from the arts, cultural, political and business worlds, including renowned professors at the University of Zurich) is only a part of the world-wide network to which program participants are exposed. This program opens the doors to some of the world’s most prestigious art institutions and leading businesses.


Work experience, in addition to education, is a pillar of any professional qualification. Theory is not at the center of successful management, but rather leadership and responsibility.


Arts and cultural institution management responsibilities are complex. Performing at the highest quality standards in a time of shrinking resources requires the professional skills that are taught in the program.

Henriette Birrer-Götz
Marketing in the Arts.

The Theory and the Reality of two Symphony Orchestras.

Jürg Dähler
Kultursponsoring im Spannungsfeld von Theorie und Praxis.

Unter besonderer Berück- sichtigung definitorischer und rechtlicher Aspekte sowie einer Analyse von strategi- schen Marketing- und Evaluationsmodellen.

Alexander Kraus

Leadership in Arts Administration.
About Leading & Management in Arts and Cultural Institutions tomorrow.